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Paintings People

Fred's Place"     24"x30" 

    "Beach Ladies"     24"x30" 

   "Going Nowhere"    22"x28"   


  "The Affair"        24"x36"

 "His Music"        24"x30"

The figures  depict real people and are based on photographs I have taken in various countries from the Caribbean, Europe,  Asia and Hawaii.   My subjects tell you something about themselves as they go about their daily routine pausing during  the passage of their day.  Each reveals an emotion, an attitude or a desire.

"Nightfall"  30" x 40"

"Jasmine"  26" x 36"

"Singles Only"  26" x 36"

"Kindergarten Chorus"   24" x 48"

"Liv & Fanny"    30" x 40"

"Going Nowhere"  

"Hillside Sunset"   30" s 40"

"Friends"  16" x 20"

"The Sprinner"   24" x 36"


"New Dad"  22"x28"

"Regrets"  20" x 24"

"Por Favor?"  30"x40"

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